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Summer Projects

Materials available from Monday July 12th 2021 Online Assessment Deadline Monday 23rd August 2021

Summer Projects

If you just can’t get enough of mathematics and want to take part in a challenge this summer, then why not try one of our mathematics or physics summer projects?  You’ll be given access to our virtual learning environment; from there, you will revise some key topics from GCSE or A Level mathematics, before being introduced to some more advanced topics.  You will then have the opportunity to complete an online assignment.  If you do really well, you might pass with a merit, or even a distinction, and will be awarded a certificate for your achievements – which will look great on your CV and in any future UCAS application. 

Material for the summer projects will be available from Monday July 12th 2021 and the deadline for completing the online assessment will be Monday 23rd August 2021.  Complete our simple online registration process to sign-up. 

A school ambassador helping some potential students at a maths, stats and physics outreach event