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Parental Leave

In this section, you will find family leave related policies aiming to support staff in achieving a healthy work/life balance.

​Parental Leave is the right to take unpaid time off work to look after a child or make arrangements for the child’s welfare. It can be used to spend more time with children and strike a better balance between work and family commitments.

Between birth and their eighteenth birthday you are able to take eighteen weeks unpaid leave for each child. The leave must be taken in blocks of at least one week (unless the child is disabled), with no more than 4 weeks in any 12 month period - one week will be equivalent to the length of the employee's normal working week.

Parental Leave Policy 2019-20 (PDF, 361KB)

A photo of a parent and baby holding hands

Restart Fellowship

As part of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity strategy of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics, the School invites applications for the Restart Fellowship.

The intention of this fellowship is to offer bridge funding for candidates to return to academic mathematical sciences. 

To be eligible candidates must hold a degree in mathematical sciences (or equivalent) and taken a career break lasting minimally two years. Priority may be given to candidates whose career break was due to family caring responsibilities or other personal circumstances. Some possible scenarios, depending on career stage include:

  1. For candidates with a BSc, MMath (or equivalent) we offer a 3-6 month stipend to carry out short research projects and take advanced courses. The intention would be to prepare suitable candidates for follow up Ph.D. studies, but there is no guarantee of Ph.D. placement. (Rolling deadline)
  2. For candidates with a Ph.D. a year of funding is offered to carry out research in their chosen field to facilitate return to academic mathematical sciences. The funding may be spread over two years to allow part time work. (Deadline at same time as PG applications)

For most cases, candidates should submit:

  • 2 page CV
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Names and email addresses for two references
  • A one page personal statement detailing their background, interests and how they see this fellowship benefiting their return to academic sciences.

We are happy to hear from potential candidates and strongly encourage them to contact Tami Rogers or Celine Guervilly to discuss their individual circumstances and how this fellowship may work for them.

Care Fund

A fund supporting all staff, PhD Students, and Research Assistants with their child, dependent, and respite care needs

As part of our commitment to diversity and overall departmental culture, the School has established a fund for the purpose of supporting employees with childcare or other caring responsibilities associated with attending events as part of their academic role in the School.

For example, the fund could be used in order to pay for respite care, child minder costs, travel costs of dependents, accommodation costs of dependents, etc. These payments would not be subject to tax and NI contributions. The fund must only be used in relation to supporting the employee’s role within the School and the purpose will be to limit the financial impact of having to find alternative caring facilities.

Further information on this fund and the application process can be found in the Care Fund Policy (PDF, 27KB)