School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Practice Tests

You will find a refresher practice test in mathematics. This is for your own use and covers some of the mathematics we expect you to be familiar with before you come to University.

You can try this refresher test as many times as you like. Questions have solutions which you can look at any time. Many have videos with them which can be useful if you need reminders of some topics.

You will have to do computer based assessments (CBAs) as part of your first year course assessments for all.

Getting started

This test explains how to use the CBA system.

Practice Test  

This test covers basic mathematical skills involving arithmetic, algebraic manipulation, solving equations, and practice in calculus, ranging from differentiation to integration. It is important that you have these skills at your fingertips as many of your courses in the first and subsequent years rely upon them and assume that you have these skills.