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Dr Pablo Docampo features in a top 1% highly cited group

Physicist is one of four Newcastle researchers recognised for exceptional research performance.

Published by Clarivate Analytics, the list features world-class researchers selected for their outstanding research performance. This is demonstrated by the production of multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in Web of Science. The distinction derives from peers, who have consistently acknowledged the influence of research contributions in their publications and citations.

Dr Pablo Docampo has led a research group investigating the long-term applications of hybrid halide perovskite materials, from the development of new materials and solar cell device architectures to new lighting applications such as lasers, LEDs and LECs. Perovskite solar cells combine the highest performance of second generation photovoltaic technologies with earth-abundant elements that can be printed. This means that the promise of cheap solar power is at our fingertips and particularly the UK is leading the charge in this field, with the potential to generate thousands of jobs in the clean energy sector.

His multidisciplinary research lies at the interface between Chemistry, Physics and Engineering; and is centred on the development of hybrid halide perovskite devices, both in photovoltaic and light-emitting applications.

Professor Chris Day, Professor Mark Thomas and Professor Martin P Eccles also feature in this group of researchers elected for their exceptional performance in one or more of 21 fields (those used in Essential Science Indicators (ESI)) or across several fields.

Approximately 6,000 researchers are named Highly Cited Researchers in 2018 — some 4,000 in specific fields and about 2,000 for Cross-Field performance. This is the first year that researchers with Cross-Field impact are identified.

Dr Pablo Docampo

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