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Dr. Victor Pacheco-Peña’s research featured in Physics World

Physics World has featured research from Dr. Victor Pacheco-Peña and Dr. Miguel Beruete’s Photonic nanojets with mesoscale high-index dielectric particles manuscript.

Dr. Victor Pacheco-Peña, a Newcastle University Research Fellow, NURF and Dr. Miguel Beruete, Associate Professor from the Public University of Navarra (Spain), published their Photonic Nano jets with mesoscale high-index dielectric particles manuscript in the Journal of Applied Physics in a Special Issue about Dielectric Nano resonators and Metamaterials.

The paper highlighted by Physics World discusses high refractive index dielectrics with the ability to focus electromagnetic waves with spatial resolution of up to 0.06 times the incident wavelength. The capability to use the proposed structures in imaging applications was studied by spatially scanning two sub-wavelength sized metallic spheres, demonstrating their ability to generate super-resolution images.

Physics World is a recognised and worldwide leading Physics magazine established by the Institute of Physics (IOP). Published once a month, one of their aims is to disseminate and highlight recent scientific achievements in the field of physics as a broad research field.

The full research paper can be found here:

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Dr. Victor Pacheco-Peña and Dr. Miguel Beruete

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