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Student project published in international physics journal

Nathan Ho, who graduated with an MPhys degree in 2019, has had his final-year project work published in the internal journal Physical Review B.

The article describes Nathan’s calculations of the electrical conduction properties of single carbon nanotubes in a regime where quantum-mechanical effects are important.  Whereas previous works had studied the average current flow, Nathan was able to calculate the full statistical properties of the electrons flowing through the nanotube.

Nathan’s project earned him the Gerard McCartan prize before graduating in 2019. He then spent the summer performing more calculations and writing up his work as a journal article.  Nathan says “It was a great experience seeing my dissertation transformed into a published article. I found it interesting to go deeper into my dissertation topic and see how it relates to other similar papers”. 

 The paper can be accessed here

The project was supervised by Dr Clive Emary, Reader in Physics.

published on: 22 January 2020