School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Physics MRes

MRes Physics

Join one of our leading physics research groups in developing the state-of-the-art research skills and knowledge to tackle a research project of technological or fundamental importance. 

As well as feeding your curiosity and knowledge, you will develop a broad range of in-demand technical skills for your future career in academia, industry or business. 

Your topic of study will be either experimental or theoretical in nature.

We will provide expert training and develop state-of-the-art skills needed to tackle a contemporary problem in this field. 

Depending on your research topic/project, these skills may involve:

  • fabricating and characterising novel materials
  • advanced programming
  • using high performance computing facilities

You will then will be embedded within one of our leading research groups while you tackle your research project, under the close supervision and training of one of our expert academics.

Course structure:

  • 60 credits of taught material, covering advanced knowledge and training skills
  • 120 credit research project in your preferred research area

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Staff Spotlights

Tamara Rogers - Reader in Computational Astrophysics

I am using supercomputers to study the gas dynamics in stars and planets so we can better understand new observations.

Ian Moss - professor of Theoretical Cosmology

I started out as a student of Stephen Hawking and have continued working in the areas where he made such important contributions, such as black holes, the big bang and quantum gravity.

Pablo Docampo - Senior Lecturer in Physics

Perovskite solar cells can be printed and deliver better performance than commercial solar panels. I’m focused on mastering the material properties to push the device efficiency and stability.


Why choose us?

We offer an outstanding postgraduate experience, as evidenced by our very high score of 95% for overall satisfaction in the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) 2017, and one of the highest completion rates.

During your project, you will be supervised by one of our leading experts.  You will become part of a thriving research group, which will provide a wider environment for networking, group activities and seminars.

You will take advanced modules to provide you with the knowledge required for your project.

You will also have training and access to state-of-the-art research facilities, including high performance computers, clean-room facilities and advanced experimental instrumentation.  

Research Themes

Your topic of study will be either experimental or theoretical, in one of our world-leading areas of physics research.

Experimental Themes

Theoretical Themes

Your Project

Your research project comprises the major element of the course and will represent a completely original contribution to the field.

This project will involve two semesters of research in your area of physics research under the supervision of an expert academic researcher in the field. 

You will become part of the research group, which will provide a vibrant and stimulating community for discussion and learning about other ongoing research projects. 

You will also have access to:

  • state-of-the-art facilities
  • clean rooms
  • advanced equipment for fabricating and characterising materials
  • high performance computing

The extended project will provide excellent opportunities for independent learning and critical thinking as the initial modules train and encourage students to take ownership of their own learning.