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Dr Anne Archibald

Senior Lecturer in Astronomy


I do multiwavelength studies of unusual pulsars, and possibly other objects. That is, I have a short list of objects I am interested in, mostly pulsars (neutron stars, incredibly dense stellar cinders, that emit regular radio, X-ray, and/or gamma-ray pulses) but also Fast Radio Bursts (mysterious brief flashes of radio waves from extragalactic sources). I study these objects using whatever means seems promising, from radio waves to optical to gamma rays, and possibly in future gravitational waves. This involves both carrying out and analyzing observations myself (primarily in radio, X-rays, and gamma rays) and working with a worldwide network of coauthors to observe these objects. Such a multiwavelength picture of these objects offers a greater understanding and a chance to compare these objects against theoretical models. This has allowed us to test theories of accretion, of neutron star emission, and models of how gravity itself might work.

A list of my publications can be found at ORCID. I also have a research blog.


I will be teaching an introduction to observational astrophysics for second-year students.