School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Staff Profile

Jill Elliott

School Learning & Teaching Team Leader




I joined Newcastle University in 1997 following a career change.  In my current role, I support the School Manager with the teaching strategies and initiatives in the School, assisting with the co-ordination and delivery of all ‘Learning, Teaching and Student Experience’ activities.  I am responsible for the day to day management of the support team, ensuring that administrative functions are carried out effectively.

Roles and Responsibilities

·         Module and Regulation review

·         Convening Undergraduate and Postgraduate Examination Boards

·         Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions

·         Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Progress Administration

·         Student Recruitment Events

·         Induction and Welcome week

·         Student Wellbeing and PEC

·         Fitness to Study

·         Student Attendance Monitoring Officer

·         NESS

·         Turnitin

·         Programme approval

·         Timetabling

·         HR related matters

Qualifications/Training courses (attended at Newcastle University)

·         RSA Integrated Business Technology II & III

·         European Computer Driving License

·         DSE - Workstation Assessor

·         Success Factors Development Centre Programme

·         Syllabus Plus/Enterprise Course Planner, Enterprise Timetabler & Enterprise Reference Data Manager

·         Senior Support Staff Development Centre

·         Diversity, Equality and Discrimination

·         City & Guilds Licentiateship

·         Site Manager - Management of dynamic web content

·         Contribute - Editing for University Corporate Websites

Previous Positions (at Newcastle University)

·         Executive Office, Executive Assistant – (Secondment from November 2012 March 2013)

·         Timetable Services, Student Progress Services, Timetable Coordinator – 2010

·         HASS Faculty Office, Quality and Timetabling Officer (Secondment) – 2008

·         School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Programme & Placements Secretary - 2005

·         School of Mathematics and Statistics, Undergraduate Secretary – 2002

·         Examinations Assistant in the Examinations Office – 1997