School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Staff Profile

Joe Matthews



I have been a lecturer in statistics in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University since 2018.

I am completing my PhD studies on Bayesian Methodology for Road Safety Analysis, supervised by Dr Lee Fawcett (School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics) and Neil Thorpe (School of Engineering).

I completed my MMathStat studies at newcastle in 2014, having completed a research project in extreme value theory supervised by Dr David Walshaw.


Generally interested in all areas of applied statistics with preference towards the application of Bayesian methodology. Current main research interests involve the application of Bayesian methodology toward improving road safety.


Current Teaching:

MAS8403 Statistical Foundations of Data Science

CSC8631 Data Management and Exploratory Data Analysis

MAS8405 Bayesian Data Analysis

MAS2603 Group Project

CSC8625 Group Project in Cloud Computing for Big Data

MAS8391 MMathStat Project

Previous Teaching:

MAS8380 Maths and Stats for Computer Scientists

CSC8627 Programming for Big Data

MAS8382 Time Series Data