School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics

Staff Profile

Dr Phil Ansell

Senior Lecturer, DELT and Dean of Sport


Dr Phil Ansell is a Senior Lecturer and DELT for the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University. His areas of expertise are applied probability, stochastics optimisation, dynamic treatment regimes and sports data analysis. He is the University Dean of Sport.

University Roles

  • Dean of Sport
  • Senate (Elected representative)
  • ULTSEC (Senate representative)
  • Honorary Degrees Committee (Senate representative)

Committee Chair (University)

  • Learning and Teaching Spaces Sub-Committee
  • Learning and Teaching Conference Committee

Committee Membership (University)

  • LTR Review Panel
  • Standing Committee for Programme Approval

School Roles and Responsibilities

  • School Executive Board
  • Director of Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • Academic Lead for Employability and Enterprise

Committee Chair (School)

  • School Board of Studies
  • School Outreach Committee

Committee Membership (School)

  • School E-Learning Committee
  • Maths and Stats Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee
  • Physics Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee
  • School SAT Committee
  • School Estates Committee

External Committee Membership

  • Realising Opportunities Advisory Board 
External Examiner 
  • University of Cork (2016-2018)
  • University of Reading (2013-2016)

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Teaching for 2018-19

  • MAS2601: Mathematical Skills and Career Management
  • SES2003: Research Methods for Sport and Exercise Science

 Other courses taught:

  • MAS3901: Applied Probability (2012-2017)
  • MAS1901: Optimisation with Constraints (2015)
  • MAS2304: Foundations of Probability (2005-2015)
  • PSY2010: Statistics for Experimental Psychology (Semester 1 2004-2014)
  • MAS131/231: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Semester 2 2004-2010)
  • MAS365: Queueing systems (Semester 2 2001-2004)
  • MAS233/633: Statistical Methods (Semester 1 2003-2004)
  • MAS234/634: Applied Probability (Semester 2 2001-2003)
  • MAS237/637: Networks and Decision Making (Semester 1 2001-02)
  • MAS238/638: Quality Management (Semester 2 2000-01)

MMathStat project students:

  • Zach Brough: Generalised Markov Chains for Tournament Situations with Applications to Snooker, 2018
  • Amy Chadwick, Design of a Module: An Introduction to Markov Decision Processes, 2016
  • Hugh Wyatt: Statistical and Probabilistic Analysis of Profession Golf Performance Data, 2016
  • Scott Lillico: Statistical Models for the Prediction of Football Matches with Applications to Betting, 2015
  • Nathan Thomas-Peter: Statistical Analysis of Professional Golf Player Abilities, 2015 
  • Amy Hetherington: Assigning reason to decision based on model scores, 2014
  • Laura Joy: Threshold policies for multiserver queueing systems, 2011
  • Gavin Whitaker: Statistical models for the prediction of football matches, 2011
  • Ben Nichols: Statistical models for the prediction of football matches, 2010
  • Robert Jardine: Statistical models for the prediction of football matches, 2009
  • Duncan Smith: Analysis of call centre data, 2005
  • Michael Wood: The design of a course in the history of statistics/probability, 2004
  • Fay Pickup: The history of statistics/probability 1654-1754, 2003
  • Daniel Wass: The repairman problem, 2003
  • Katie Barnes: Contributions to the Normal distribution, 2002
  • Mourad Ketani: Queueing systems , 2002


Research Interests

  • Stochastic optimisation
  • Queueing theory
  • Achievable region approaches to stochastic optimisation
  • Bandit problems
  • Dynamic treatment regimes
  • Analysis of sports data