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Pre-Registration Information 2018/19


Each Spring, undergraduate students must pre-register for the modules they wish to study in the following academic year.

S3P will be open for you to select your modules from 26 April to 02 May 2018.

You'll receive an e-mail from Student Services which will provide you with more information about the Pre-Registration process. DPDs can also confirm details if anything is unclear.

You should attend a session with the Degree Programme Directors (DPDs) in which they will explain each programme's regulations and how these affect module choices, as well as student sets (for mathematics and statistics students going into Stage 3), and a timeline of the process.

Please ensure you attend the relevant session for your stage to avoid any issues with your module selection.

A detailed description of all modules can be found in the Module Catalogue.

Sessions for Stage 1 students going into Stage 2

Maths and Stats: Wednesday 18 April - 12:00

Lecture Theatre 1, Herschel Building (at the beginning of the MAS1604 lecture)

Physics: To take place in PHY1030 lab session w/c 16 April

Sessions for Stage 2 students going into Stage 3

Single Honours Maths and Stats: Friday 20 April - 15:00

Lecture Theatre 1, Bedson Building

Major/Minor (G1N2, G1N3) and Joint Honours (GL11 and NG41) Maths and Stats: Friday 20 April - 14:00

LT1, Herschel Building

Physics: Friday 20 April - 12:00

TR2, Herschel Building

Sessions for Stage 3 students going into Stage 4

Maths and Stats (G103 and GGC3 only): Wednesday 18 April - 13:00

TR1, Herschel Building

Physics (F303 only): Thursday 19 April - 10:00

TR1, Herschel Building

Student Sets

Students going into Stage 3 are expected to pre-register for sets of modules in order to avoid timetable clashes.

Although there is more choice at Stage 3, not every combination of modules will be possible due to the timetable. In order to avoid timetable clashes as much as possible and allow students the greatest amount of choice, we've identified sets of modules within the degree programme regulations.

The sets include a range of modules that are both educationally advisable and have proven popular in the past.

You should:

  • choose one set from Semester 1, and pre-register for all modules in this set
  • choose one set from Semester 2, and pre-register for all modules in this set

You are required to pre-register for 60 credits in each semester.

For more information, see the appropriate advice document for your programme: 

Student sets


Programme Regulations

Regulation information for all undergraduate degree programmes delivered by the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics can be found here.

Module descriptions

To find out about individual modules, please visit the Module Catalogue and search for the relevant module code.