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Danni, BSc Mathematics and Statistics with an Industrial Placement BSc

Danni, BSc Mathematics and Statistics with an Industrial Placement BSc

About Danni

A Levels studied: Maths, Psychology, Art

Course: BSc Mathematics and Statistics with an Industrial Placement

Choosing Newcastle

I knew I wanted to go to a Russell Group university not too close to home. I used uni stats to compare the ratings of each Russell Group university that offered the course I wanted at grades I was able to achieve. I focussed particularly on the reviews of areas that mattered for me, for example I wanted to go to a university that took care of their students, but I didn’t mind too much on how good their football team was. After making a shortlist, Newcastle scored one of the highest in my research, so I attended an open day.


Studying at Newcastle

I have a lot of contact hours (at least 18 hours a week) and every lecturer has a different approach to teaching. This is particularly good because everyone has different learning styles. Because of this variation, I find some lecturers better than others for my way of learning. However, every module is explained well, with additional learning resources available online, such as Recap or typed notes.

There are also really useful practical sessions, and lots of opportunities to attend sessions where you can ask questions. Every lecturer is very approachable, both face to face and by email.

Studying mathematics and statistics

I enjoy solving problems and the feeling when a theory or method clicks. Overall, my favourite module has been Linear Algebra. This was the module that made me become interested in pure mathematics (my passion had always been in statistics). The teaching quality was outstanding and I loved how everything seemed to fit together.

Recommending Newcastle

If you have an interest in maths and statistics, this course offers a lot of variety. Your skills will quickly develop and you’ll begin to realise how everything fits together. The course is very well structured and they regularly take student feedback on board to constantly improve the course. The content is well structured and easy to follow. The department is very good at accommodating special requirements, for example extenuating circumstances.

The course also offers flexibility in your degree title, for example, you can decide later in your course whether you want to work towards a mathematics degree, statistics or mathematics and statistics. There is also the opportunity to take a year to work in a relevant industrial placement, which I took advantage of and would highly recommend.

Future plans

I would like to be an operational researcher, statistician or data analyst. I set on this career path after I went on a placement year between second and third year. Not only is my course giving me the technical skills I need for this career, but I’m also using the Careers Service to enhance other skills. For example, I am participating in the ncl+ award, where I am using extra-curricular activities to enhance my skill set. These will be acknowledged on my degree certificate.

I am also taking a careers development module, where I am undertaking work experience as a CV advisor and looking in-depth at the skills I am developing, such as teamwork, communication and developing ideas. All of these opportunities prepare me so much more than just the course on its own. I feel confident I have enough support at Newcastle to achieve the career goals I am aiming