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Imogen, BSc Physics

Imogen, BSc Physics

About Imogen

A Levels studied: Physics, Maths, Chemistry

Course: BSc Physics

Choosing Newcastle

When I came for the open day I remember all the staff being friendly and enthusiastic. They really made the effort with me.

Also, I loved the city and how close it is to campus.


Studying at Newcastle

The teaching here is excellent, the lecturers put so much effort into helping you understand. There is pretty much an open door policy as well. If you have any problems most lecturers will be happy for you to just knock on their office door. They all make the course so interesting and it’s really nice to see how passionate they are about their subject. My course is mainly exams so it’s great that most lecturers write detailed notes to go with their course, so it makes it easier to revise.

Studying Physics

Physics at Newcastle is quite a small course. I love that everyone knows each other, and we all help each other out. Our lectures feel almost like classes in secondary school. Because they’re so small you can put your hand up and ask a question without feeling awkward or embarrassed. We all work together on hard parts of the course.

My favourite module was Introductory Astrophysics in first year and Advanced Astrophysics this year. I’ve always been interested in the field but since being taught it at Newcastle I definitely want to have a career in it.

Recommending Newcastle

Newcastle University has incredible facilities, the labs here are very advanced and high tech, especially compared to some other universities I looked around. The staff here are so friendly, and it really makes a difference to your learning experience if you get along with the lecturers.

My astrophysics lecturer has inspired me so much and is currently helping me apply for internships in the field. I think most lecturers would be more than happy to do the same.

The course is quite small, and this works really well for me. I feel like I know all the lecturers on a personal level and it helps since the course is quite hard.

Being social

There is so much choice here at Newcastle for clubs and societies. Even if they don’t do the society you want it’s so easy to make one. Our year actually created the Physics Society here, and in second year I was president of the society. Societies are fun to be a part of, and it looks great on your CV if you are on a committee.

The Physics Society did trips to Diamond Light Source labs in Oxford, as well as looking round a nuclear power plant in Hartlepool. We also had guest lectures with experts, as well as nights out and events like bowling and pool.

Future plans

Newcastle University has helped me decide on the career path I want to take. I received so much help from the lecturers to help decide what I want to do. I want to do a PhD in Astrophysics, and I’m receiving a lot of help about where to apply.

My lecturer is from America and I’ve always wanted to move over there, so having an insight in where to apply and what to do is great. I think knowing so many of the lecturers personally has been an advantage, especially when it comes to needing letters of recommendation.