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Martina, BSc Mathematics with Management

Martina, BSc Mathematics with Management

About Martina

A Levels studied: Maths, Chemistry, Philosophy, Ethics

Course: BSc Mathematics with Management

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle University was my first choice because it was highly rated on best university guides, especially for mathematics-related degrees. As a Russell Group university, it's highly regarded and so my family and future employers would favour it.

Employability was a big factor for me, especially as my degree offered an optional placement year. The University has lots of sponsors and links to well-known firms. In particular, the maths department was sponsored by KPMG and the IMA at the time.


Studying Mathematics with Management

I really enjoy being able to study in two different Schools but still gain a single honours (major-minor) degree. I feel that this gives me an advantage over those that study just one subject. This is due to the variation in the way you are examined.

In the Business School there is a lot of group work, presentation, reading, and report writing. Whereas in maths, the same elements are there, but on a smaller scale. I enjoy being able to work as an individual in this School and fully engage in the lectures. My favourite module has been Applied Probability, where we designed and coded our own board game as a group project.

Recommending Newcastle

I would say that the support and community from both students and lecturers in the maths department is second to none. Although there is a perceived high number of contact hours, there is a lot less work to do outside of the lecture theatre!

Future plans

I have already received a graduate offer at EY following a summer internship I completed for them during the summer after my second year. This is for a role in corporate tax.

The Careers Service helped me greatly here, starting back in first year. They held an event specifically for first years, where I had my CV and cover letter checked and improved, and got advice and information. They even took a professional photo.