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Matthew, BSc Maths and Economics

Matthew, BSc Maths and Economics

About Matthew

A Levels studied: Maths, Economics, Geography

Course: BSc Maths and Economics

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle is the city I grew up in, and quite simply I didn't want to leave. First of all, the culture of the city is quite unique, and the people in the North East are incredibly friendly.


Studying at Newcastle

It was very strange to begin with but I think that’s the same for any university student. Going from a class of about 10 people at A Levels to massive lecture theatres with up to 250 students in is a big change. After the first semester of Year 1, this just became the norm.

I got used to how lecturers taught and the layout of my degree. I’ve not had a single lecturer in maths I’ve not liked and last year’s maths lecturers were the biggest reason why I got a decent result.

Studying Mathematics and Economics

The Introduction to Multivariable Calculus in Year 1 is probably my favourite module so far. I thought the content was very stimulating, the lecturer was superb and really helped with my understanding of it, and it was my best mark in Stage 1. Other modules I have also enjoyed have been Introductory Algebra, Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving, and Microeconomic Analysis.

Recommending Newcastle

The course itself is very broad, so if you have any doubts about what you would like to do after university, then Maths and Economics is a great degree to have under your belt. It is very stimulating, especially the maths. Lots of new content is delivered by incredible lecturers. Although new content is scary to a lot of people, and you think that everyone else in the room is better than you, it’s important to realise that everyone is in the same boat. It is a completely level playing field by the time second year begins because by that time everyone will have covered the same new material and passed exams in all of the modules.

Future plans

My aspirations change on a weekly basis. I think that was a reason why I chose this degree in the first place. It is incredibly broad and should help me to get into a whole host of job sectors. I’ve considered jobs in statistics, analysis, economics, teaching and finance, but I’m still unsure what it is I want to do yet.

The Careers Service has been excellent in presenting job opportunities that are tailored to my interests as well as offering great workshops in CV writing, cover letter writing and interview prep. The fact that my degree allows me to choose some of the modules I study is also great in the sense that it lets me study what I’m most interested in.