School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics


BSc Mathematics - Graduated 2014

Current role - Robotics Process Automation, Software Developer at ENGIE

Why did you choose to study your course at Newcastle University?

It was my home university, I could stay at home for family reasons as well as study my subject.

What did you like the most about your course?

The friends I made and the material I studied. Learning to code was great.

How would you describe the city of Newcastle upon Tyne?

Vibrant, exciting, best place in the North.

Where do you work now and what does your role involve?

I now work at ENGIE plc designing automation robots to automate rules driven processes to save employee time so it can be used for true value work done by a human.

How do you feel your course or other activities you were involved in at Newcastle contributed to you achieving your career goals?

Taught me a lot of analytical skills. Basics of coding that I built upon to get this job.