McCord Centre for Landscape


Transdisciplinary Workshops

We're running a series of workshops to develop new approaches to landscape research.

Over the next few years a series of research workshops will take place to develop new approaches to landscape research. These workshops will be transdisciplinary; cross-cutting disciplines and drawing on common themes.

The theoretical ground on which disciplines such as archaeology, history, geography, social anthropology, art and architecture are situated is often presented as solid. Yet, the more these disciplines investigate the surfaces and depths of their subject matter, the less stable and secure this ground becomes.

Apparently self-contained spheres sit under illusionary disciplinary umbrellas that can be based on just a few positive fragments of empirical work or ideas. Under such conditions, disciplines like archaeology have to extend beyond their own boundaries. They need to be malleable. By creating new connections, they can capitalise on creative opportunities.

Each of our workshops will address different themes through a series of concise presentations. For example, using seven-minute talks in a pecha-kucha style presentation format (20 slides, each lasting 20 seconds).

Our main aim is to share stimulating presentations that will lead to creative discussion and debate. The results of each workshop may be some kind of resolution, or else agreement on ways forward.

Past workshops

We've already run three workshops in this series. They were:

  • Exploring the moving 'subject'
  • Living Legacies 1914-18 (in collaboration with Queen’s University, Belfast)
  • Petrification Processes: Concepts across subjects