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Clinical Research Network Specialty Cluster

Driving forward the development and delivery of high quality clinical research.

The National Institute for Health Research funds the Clinical Research Network specialty Cluster Hub. Newcastle University hosts the Hub. 

It has a national remit to oversee approximately 600 studies, worth an estimated £250M. The specialty areas focused on include:

  • ageing
  • dementias and neurodegenerative diseases
  • neurological disorders
  • genetics

What we do

We champion the role of individuals in clinical leadership. We are responsible for clinical leadership across our specialties. This is in both a strategic and an operational support capacity. 

Our clinical leaders drive forward the development and delivery of high quality research. This provides benefits for the health and well-being of patients and carers.

Spearheading initiatives

We pioneer initiatives that enhance the engagement of our external and internal stakeholders. We also work at a national level on projects to encourage and use emerging technologies and innovations in the Network.



Monitoring and influencing the research environment and agenda

We focus on monitoring and influencing the research environment and agenda. We translate changes into that environment. Our ultimate aim is to develop and support the clinical research workforce across the country.

Our national clinical leaders engage with: 

Championing research with the NHS 

We undertake professional engagement with NHS partners across the country. We champion research as a way of improving health outcomes of patients. We achieve this by involving patients and the public.

Research innovation

Cluster E leads projects for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN).
The latest is Innovations in Clinical Trial Design and Delivery for Underserved Groups (INCLUDE).
For more information and resources please visit the INCLUDE website.

Our vision

Our vision for the project is better healthcare through more inclusive research. Our focus is on ensuring that underserved groups have equal access to research.

The project's scope is national. It gives stakeholders better understanding of the challenges of carrying out health research with underserved groups.

It will also give recommendations for innovations in clinical trial design and delivery. The aim is to increase the involvement of undeserved groups.


The project's core objectives are:

  • to develop Community Partnered Participatory Research
  • to develop tailored training resources to design and deliver trials
  • to develop infrastructure and systems to reach, engage, recruit and retain
  • to work with funders, regulators and other stakeholders to remove barriers

We are achieving these objectives through expertise available from:

INCLUDE Summary June 2020

 Workshop resources: 23 June 2020

Our Newcastle team

Professor Lynn Rochester

Dr Gary Nestor

Ella Anderson

Lesley Gibson

Ava Pederson

Contact us

NIHR Clinical Research Network National Specialty Hub
Newcastle University,
Biomedical Research Building (3rd Floor),
Campus for Ageing and Vitality,
Newcastle upon Tyne