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Molecular Mechanisms of Life

We are a group of bioscientists interested in investigating life at the molecular level. We share an interest in the technologies that allow us all to best investigate and address our own biomedical questions. We aim to:

  • visualise macromolecules to understand their structure:function relationship
  • study nucleic acids and their interactions
  • investigate cellular processes
  • develop biomolecular technologies  

By revealing the molecular mechanisms of life, our research has a wide impact. Including understanding disease, developing new diagnostic and therapeutic avenues. Our work is funded by major international funders such as UKRI, Wellcome Trust, Prostate Cancer UK, Blood UK, among others.

Research Areas

Our research focuses on several key biological questions. These range from infection and disease mechanisms, to fundamental cell processes. As well as developing the next generation of biomolecular-based diagnostics and research tools.

Research culture 

Our theme involves researchers from all over the globe with different backgrounds that contribute to its scientific success and inclusive atmosphere. Providing an equal access, diverse and inclusive environment is at the core of our theme’s ambition and we look forward to working with everyone to pursue this goal.

For suggestions, questions or comments regarding Equality Diversity and Inclusion, please contact our EDI Leads Emma Scott or Andreas Werner

Mentoring and support

We offer a range of mentoring and support activities for all colleagues, with a focus on early career researchers. This ranged from one-to-one to support and guidance. Please get in touch with our ECR Leads: Daniel Peters.  


Our research is at the cutting edge of new discoveries and is impactful to the many publics we serve. It also allows the team to deliver on the Universities education for life strategy. Our overarching vision is to embed our research within the Universities educational experience and support the Faculty Research Led Teaching Federation (FREF). Delivering high quality research informed teaching, engaging in discussion between themes and integration of research and teaching across the faculty.
Education Lead: Neil Keegan


We strongly support our theme members in engaging with the public, children and other audiences. Many of our members are involved in activities such as Soapbox Science and Pint of Science. It is important to take our research to new audiences. If you are interested in our activities or want to get involved, please contact Paula Salgado