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Chromosome Biology and the Cell Cycle

Chromosome Biology and the Cell Cycle

We aim to understand:

  • chromosome replication and repair
  • chromosome segregation and cell division
  • control of gene expression

Defects in these systems compromise development and contribute to:

  • infertility
  • ageing
  • cancer and other diseases

Focus areas

Our research team focuses on molecular and cellular mechanisms of:

  • chromosome and RNA function
  • gene expression
  • cell division
  • the cell cycle
  • cell fate determination

Our strengths include:

  • chromosome segregation in mitosis and meiosis
  • asymmetric cell division
  • telomere and centromere function
  • epigenetics and chromatin
  • DNA damage
  • RNA processing
  • chromosome defects in cancer

Building foundations

We aim to build foundations for the preventative and therapeutic strategies of the future. We encourage translation of our fundamental research towards application in healthcare and biotechnology.

The theme provides a dynamic and supportive environment for training and development at all career stages.