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Wellcome Trust Awards

Wellcome Trust Awards

Newcastle University holds two awards from the Wellcome Trust to support our research.

Newcastle Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership

The Newcastle Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership (WTTP) enhances Newcastle University’s translational activities. It does this in the “invention to proof of concept” landscape. Researchers gain mentorship, support and expertise to advance scientific discoveries towards real-world impact.

The partnership is arranged around four strategic themes:

  • promoting translational engagement, mentorship and development as part of our Translational Explorer Portfolio
  • using strategic funds to support translational activities
  • extending our network and portfolio of partners to provide expertise to projects
  • enhancing our institutional translational readiness

We announce funding calls periodically. Support for mentorship and external engagement is available through the Translational Explorer Portfolio. This is available at all times.

For information email Dr Emma Campbell, Early Translational Research Funding Development Manager, or Dr Dale Athey, Senior Translator in Residence.

Early Translational Funding

The funding supports projects to overcome problems in the translation pathway. This will enable projects to access the next stage of research and funding. The intention is not to fund an entire project to adoption in a clinical or commercial setting.

The partnership will support a broad range of activities to enable translational research.

Examples of eligible activity include, but are not limited to:

  • laboratory studies to gather data on project feasibility
  • analysis of data and application of statistics to develop translational opportunities
  • market research, intellectual property reviews, freedom to operate or regulatory guidance
  • skills development via secondments, placements, people exchanges, or specialist training
  • development of policy and implementation of best practices


Applications are open to Newcastle University staff and honorary staff members. We are currently prioritising the translation of Wellcome Trust funded research.

To be eligible, applicants must be a named applicant on a recent Wellcome Trust grant. The Humanities and Social Science funding scheme is not eligible. This may be reviewed in future funding rounds.

If you want to discuss this funding further, please contact Dr Emma Campbell.

Institutional Strategic Support Fund

We benefit hugely from this flexible funding which is used to invest and promote areas of strategic importance.

Wellcome provides a funding allocation which is matched by the University. Our faculty uses this to fund a number of key internally administered schemes. 

A key area is in providing support for our Research Fellowship scheme.