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Wellcome Trust Awards

Wellcome Trust Awards

Newcastle University holds two awards from the Wellcome Trust to support our research.

This award aims to enhance our translational research pathway. It provides researchers with mentorship, support and expertise. Advancing scientific discoveries into real world impact.

The first round closed at the end of March. Please check back for future rounds.

The aim is to support projects to overcome barriers that exist early in the translation pathway. This will enable access to the next stage of research and funding. The programme will support a broad range of activities aimed at enabling translational research.

Our programme

This programme provides:

  • early translation funding of up to 10K to test the feasibility of a project
  • an expert advisory fund to enable access to appropriate expertise
  • a bespoke translational explorer portfolio to include training, shadowing and placements
  • mentorship by tranlsators in residence
  • guidance by early translational research funding development managers

Examples of eligible activity include, but are not limited to:

  • laboratory studies to gather feasibility data
  • analysis of data, application of statistics to develop translational opportunities
  • market research, intellectual property reviews, freedom to operate or regulatory guidance
  • skills development via secondments, placements, people exchanges, or specialist training
  • development of policy and implementation of best practices

Get in touch

Please direct informal enquiries to Dr Amy Brown, Research Funding Development Manager.

To register your interest in future rounds please email us: