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Introduction to Research Study Design and Statistics (E-learning)

  • Module Leader: Dr Louise Hayes
  • Lecturers: Mr Matthew Linsley, Dr Lisa Robinson
Module length: 12 weeks 
Starts: January (Semester 2)
Credit value: 20
Study hours: 200


This module aims to familiarise students with study designs for clinical research. In particular the module will introduce you to the differences between qualitative and quantitative approaches to research; will help you to develop skills in different methods of data handling, interpretation and presentation; and help you to develop your skills for critically appraising published literature.


You will get the opportunity to study different approaches to conducting research studies, including study design, data collection and analysis. You will also learn about, and practise, critically appraising research studies that have been published and about how to communicate your research findings. All study is supported by online activities including:   

  • E-based lectures and tutorials
  • Guided independent study
  • Student-led group activities
  • Wikis and discussion boards


You will submit your work for assessment using Blackboard (virtual learning environment) and receive feedback electronically. 

Assessment involves the following:

  • Critical appraisal of published research
  • Interpretation of research results
  • Multiple choice tests
  • Participation in online discussions

Reading list website: rlo.ncl.ac.uk


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