Faculty of Medical Sciences Online Learning


ONC8012 : Managing Pain (E-learning)

  • Module Leader: Dr Victoria Hewitt
Module length: 12 weeks


February (Semester 2)
Credit value: 10
Study hours: 8 hours per week on average


This module aims to provide you with a relevant and meaningful overview of pain management. It covers the physiology and neurobiology of pain; pharmacological and non-pharmacological management and specific pain syndromes.  Because it is such a huge topic, students are expected to use the course material to reflect on their own communities of practice and are given autonomy to focus of areas of particular interest and relevance to them.


Course materials are intended to become a platform for individual and group reflection.  You will be actively encouraged to participate in online discussions – moderated by the module leader - to form a unique learning community, representative of the diversity of professional backgrounds.  These forums are an opportunity to reflect on the course materials, share expertise and learn from each other to give a rounded, more holistic view of some of the issues encountered in practice.  Furthermore, you will be encouraged to collaborate to create shared learning artefacts. 


This module uses pain management guidelines as a framework for students to construct and refine their knowledge. 

  • Participation: 10% of the mark for this module mark is for participation in the online discussions
  • Formative assessment: a brief review of a pain management guideline.
  • Summative assessment: critique of a pain management guideline, selected by the student from their area of practice, including evidence-based recommendations for improvement
Reading list website: rlo.ncl.ac.uk