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About the Clinical Academic Office

Professional Engagement

A number of strategically important committees are supported via the Clinical Academic Office to ensure engagement with the NHS partners.

The Joint Research Executive is responsible for the oversight of clinical research activities within the Faculty and the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NUTH) including direction of the Joint Research Office, research governance and performance management of the clinical research platforms and facilities.

The Joint Education Executive reviews all joint education opportunities including, but not limited to, undergraduate and postgraduate medical and dental education. This is to provide oversight of governance arrangements for teaching and learning in joint educational ventures, and to ensure best use of resources to provide high quality teaching and learning.

The Clinical Academic Training Committee oversees all clinical academic opportunities ranging from those at undergraduate level up to externally funded Clinical Senior Lectureship schemes. Its remit has grown over time but it is seen to be a successful model much envied by other institutions. It covers the following areas of activity: undergraduate opportunities (NUMAP Programme and Intercalation); Academic Foundation Programme; Academic Clinical Fellowships; CLRN Research Associate scheme; External Training Fellowships; Academic Clinical Lectureships and matching posts; Intermediate Fellowships; and External Clinical Senior Lectureship schemes.

We have excellent working relationships with all NHS trusts within the North of England and work in partnership with NHS North of England the new single management framework which combines the strategic health authorities NHS North East, NHS North West, and NHS Yorkshire and the Humber.

Development and Support

Development and delivery of the infrastructure for Translational Medicine and support of the clinical academic workforce.

The Joint Research Office provides research support for all Faculty researchers (including non-clinical research governance and clinical research governance for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust staff) and works closely with the Faculty Research and Development Office whose main role is to support the Deans of Research and Development in their roles.

Clinical Research Platforms and Facilities is a joint venture between Newcastle University’s Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust. The Clinical Research Platforms provide dedicated patient-care facilities and practical support to researchers carrying out clinical research, as well as providing a platform to support researchers to develop and conduct research projects to world-class standards.

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Development and support of the clinical academic workforce 

The Clinical Academic Office co-ordinates all job planning for clinical academics, including training and contractual areas. Requests for Honorary Clinical status at the University will be considered and processed through the Clinical Academic Office.

Championing clinical scholarship and the role of academics in clinical leadership

In collaboration with the Local Employer Trust, the Clinical Academic Office facilitates excellent opportunities for all medical and dental trainees (see Clinical Academic Training Path) and nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (see NMAHP Clinical Academic Training).