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External Clinical Fellowships

External Clinical Fellowships

Newcastle University has a long history of supporting early and mid career clinical researchers to develop into senior clinical academics that are national or international leaders in their field.

This process has been greatly enhanced by the introduction of the integrated academic training pathway as a result of the Walport Report (2005). From a very early stage our integrated academic trainees are encouraged to examine the broad spectrum of externally funded clinical funded fellowships available to doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives and all other allied health care professionals. Newcastle University’s Faculty of Medical Sciences has an enviable success rate in externally funded clinical fellowships both at the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral (intermediate) levels.

Our EXternally funded ClinIcal fellowship supporT programmE (EXCITE) is managed by Dr Justin Durham, himself a post-doctoral fellowship holder and previous Integrated Academic Trainee. For further information about EXCITE please email Sharon Gilmore, Clinical Academic Training Administrator.

EXCITE aims to help promising and talented clinical researchers to make the leap from the nascent beginnings of examining an early stage idea to funded fellows either at the pre or post-doctoral stage. EXCITE offers a comprehensive programme of support up to, and following, a fellowship award including:

  • peer led mentoring from previously successful applicants
  • senior academic mentoring of applications
  • bite-size seminars on subjects relevant to your funding application
  • internal peer review of applications
  • opportunities to engage with the public and patients in order to inform your ideas and disseminate
  • mock interview panels and video feedback
  • debriefs on successful and unsuccessful applications
  • ring-fenced pump-priming funds for predoctoral applications for doctoral fellowships

EXCITE is for all academic, or aspiring academic, health care professionals and is not limited to any profession or particular job title, but is of particular relevance to those in academic foundation, academic clinical fellow (NIHR ACF), and NIHR Clinical Lectureship posts (NIHR ACL).


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Fellowship application process

The process for building an application for a doctoral or postdoctoral/intermediate-level research fellowship can seem daunting. Although it is a long and arduous process, EXCITE aims to make it easier by clearly signposting how to build an application in terms of resources available and timeline to submission.