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Dr Shoba Amarnath
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The research vision of my laboratory is to decipher the intricate immunological networks that regulate immune tolerance in health and disease. Specifically, we focus on understanding how a clinically relevant coreceptor molecule called programmed death-1 receptor (PD-1) dampens the immune response. My laboratory uses in-vitro biochemical approaches and experimental murine models to fully understand these processes in tumour, autoimmune and alloimmune diseases.


I was awarded a Newcastle University Research Fellowship in 2015 to set up my laboratory at Newcastle University. This generous support was utilised to set up basic immunological experimental murine models that are crucial for my research agenda. This expertise was not previously available at Newcastle and was a challenging endeavour for a young investigator. With faculty support, I successfully established my group here and recently published two papers in the journals Haematologica (2017) and Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM, 2017). Our JEM paper was also highlighted by an insight article in the same issue. Furthermore, the work was recognized for its importance in the field of cancer research and I was invited to present a plenary talk at the 5th European Immunotherapy of Cancer conference (2018). Recently, with faculty support, my group has completed another research project which has been accepted for publication in Immunity (2018).


As for external funding, I have been successful in obtaining a (1) MRC-DiMEN DTP PhD studentship, (2) Springboard award from the Academy of Medical Sciences and (3) funding for a PhD studentship from Lonza.