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Dr Catherine Arden
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Following 4 years of post-doctoral training including an EMBO/EFSD travel fellowship to study at the University of Michigan, USA, I was awarded the RD Lawrence Fellowship from Diabetes UK (2008-2014) which began my transition to an independent researcher. My appointment as a Newcastle University Research Fellow (2014-2020) has allowed me to continue this progression by providing personal salary support, consumables and a PhD student offering the ideal environment to develop my own research niche. My time as a research fellow has resulted in 7 publications and the award for 4 externally funded grants (>200k).

My overarching research aim is to understand the mechanisms involved in the function and survival of pancreatic beta-cell, cells with a critical role in regulating blood glucose homeostasis. My current projects are focused on delineating the pathways mediating cell survival vs. death in type-2 diabetes and also identifying a role for cell connectivity in preserving beta-cell function.