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Dr Amir Enshaei
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My background is in machine learning, predictive modelling, pattern recognition, feature selection and risk stratification in big biological datasets. Following my PhD at Newcastle University (2012) titled ‘Development of Artificial Intelligence Systems as a prediction tool in ovarian cancer’, I completed 4 years as a post-doctoral scientist in the Leukaemia Research Cytogenetics Group (LRCG). In 2016, I was awarded a 4 year Bloodwise /14M Genomics Integrative Biology fellowship. I am extremely grateful to the Medical Faculty for their support, mock interviews and advice during this time. Everyone I approached was willing to help.


My current research is focusing on integrating large biological datasets and using machine learning systems in creating a prognostic and predictive tool for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).  My fellowship is providing opportunities for me to gain training in new techniques that will allow me to discover and develop the connections between patients’ clinical path and their cancer genetics.