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Dr Seamus Holden

My research centres on studying general principles of how proteins build complex structures, using bacterial cell division as a primary model system. My lab uses using advanced fluorescent microscopy – single molecule imaging and super-resolution microscopy – to follow the motion, organization and ultrastructure of key proteins responsible for orchestrating the division process. In the long term, a better understanding of bacterial cell division should help us to design new antibiotic inhibitors of division, with which to combat antimicrobial resistance.

I was awarded a Newcastle University Research Fellowship 2015 to return to the UK and set up my own lab. The strong institutional support, world class research environment and fantastic support from my new colleagues put me in a great position to focus on getting my lab’s first big story out (Science, 2017). Building on this, and again strongly supported by my institution, I recently secured a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Research Fellowship (£1 million) to establish my research programme.