Faculty of Medical Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Jennifer Wilkinson

Senior Teacher


I have worked in clinical epidemiology and clinical trial research and management for over 25 years.   My research interests include the epidemiology of leukaemia and lymphoma, disease in the elderly and the design and conduct of randomised controlled clinical trials.   

Roles and Responsibilities

Senior Teacher, Graduate School, Faculty of Medical Sciences



BA Hons - First Class (Newcastle University)

Post-graduate Certificate in Management (Northumbria University) 

MA - Distinction (Durham University)

PhD (Durham University) 



Co-applicant projects:

NIHR – RFPB               EPICC : Extra physiotherapy in critical care                                          

NIHR - HTA                 ANTIC: Antibiotic Treatment for Intermittent Bladder                                                      Catheterisation

NIHR-HTA                   TUBE – Enteral Feeding Post Chemo-radiation                                     

NIHR-PHRP                 VIOLET - Falls Prevention – Visual Impairment 

NIHR - HTA                  ALTAR - Alternatives to Prophylactic Antibiotics for treatment or recurrent UTI                                              


Module Lead MCR8009 (Cert)  – Research Governance & Ethics (elearning)

Lecturer MCR8001 (Cert) – Research Governance & Ethics (face to face)

Module lead MCR8015 (Diploma) – Clinical Trials (elearning)

Lecturer MCR8008 (Diploma) – Clinical Trials (face to face)

Module Lead MCR 8013 (Diploma) – Designing a Research Proposal (elearning)