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Dr Suzanne Madgwick
staff profile suzanne madgwick

I am a Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Research Fellow investigating how cell cycle proteins are regulated through meiosis I in mammalian oocytes. Misregulation of cell cycle proteins is heavily linked to the production of embryos containing the wrong number of chromosomes, the leading genetic cause of pregnancy loss and developmental disabilities in babies that survive to term. I use fluorescence microscopy and live cell assays to study the location and function of key regulatory activities in dividing mouse oocytes. My aim is to better understand processes that frequently fail in oocytes, thereby informing treatment strategies for women who fail to conceive or suffer from repetitive miscarriages.

I returned to ICaMB in 2013 after a 6-year career break. During the fellowship application process, I was extremely well supported, specifically by Dr Mark Levasseur and Professor Robert Lightowlers. However, everyone I approached was willing to advise and help me put together a strong and successful fellowship application.

My fellowship has given me the opportunity to establish myself as a principal investigator while being part of a larger Cell Division Biology group organised by Professor Jonathan Higgins. Our dynamic and enthusiastic group includes a range of complementary interests and different types of research experience. As an early career researcher, this situation strikes an ideal balance between independence and experienced support.