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Dr Urszula McClurg
staff profile Urszula McClurg Faculty fellow

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Lodz, Poland and then secured a European Union scholarship to carry my postgraduate studies in the UK. I completed my PhD in the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Leeds on the role of post-translational modification in cancer development. During my PhD I received funding from the European Union to train in ubiquitination at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Consequently, I decided to further develop my skills in this field and moved to the Northern Institute for Cancer Research to study the role of deubiquitination in cancer progression. Following successful completion of my Post-Doctoral project I received my Faculty Fellowship and moved to the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biosciences to start my own laboratory working in the field of cancer research.

My work focuses on investigating a group of meiotic proteins which I found, contrary to published knowledge, to be expressed in a variety of human cancer models. More importantly, analysis of multiple large datasets of patient cancer samples reveals that these proteins are expressed in the majority of cancer patients and that their levels are predictive of cancer outcome and disease progression. My work focuses on understanding the role these meiosis-associated proteins play in cancer development and biology. I am also validating them as biomarkers in cancer stratification and exploring their potential as therapeutic targets.