Faculty of Medical Sciences

Staff Profile

Melanie Carss

Research Officer



Roles & Responsibilities 

Mel is the Research Officer for the Institute of Health and Society in the medical faculty.

Mel manages the Institute's research support function covering all pre-award activity.  The main roles within her remit are below:

Provide management level support on costing and pricing of research and consultancy proposals

Offer a broad range of advice and support regarding research activities and protocol within the Institute

Provide statistical information on research to inform future strategy

Identify and disseminate appropriate external funding opportunities

Represent the research support function at Institute and Faculty meetings related to research activity and strategy

Previously Mel was a Grants Administrator within the NJRO.

The role involved providing advice to the academic and research support community of grant funding processes and procedures. 

Administering the checking of research funding applications and ensuring compliance with funders terms and conditions and University policy

Liaising with NHS colleagues highlighting the requirement of NHS involvement

Highlighting any issues or anomalies or non-compliance with funding applications prior to arranging approvals to Grants and Contracts Managers

Ensuring timely submission of electronic grant funding applications