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Dr Heath Murray
staff profile heath murray external fellow

I am currently a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow (2017-2022) based in Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology. Prior to that, I was a Royal Society University Research Fellow (2009-2017). The Faculty, and in particular senior colleagues within my department, provided invaluable advice at all stages of my fellowship applications.

MURRAY LAB: Bacterial DNA Replication Initiation 

The Murray Lab studies bacterial DNA replication initiation in the model organism Bacillus subtilis. Using a combination of genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry, we are investigating the structure of the bacterial chromosome origin and the activity of replication initiation proteins required to unwind the DNA duplex and to load the replicative helicases. One of the key tools we have developed is an inducible artificial chromosome origin that allows us to bypass normally essential endogenous replication initiation factors. We are keen to explore the utility of more sophisticated synthetic replication systems, both for fundamental understanding of DNA replication and for exploitation in biotechnology. We are also utilizing our expertise to search for novel antibiotics that target DNA replication proteins.