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Dr Gavin Richardson
Gavin Richardson

My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms controlling innate cardiomyocyte regeneration and to identify strategies to enhance this process therapeutically. My longer term goal is to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from heart failure, which is a growing clinical problem throughout the western world.

During my research career I have studied regenerative biology in a number of different tissues at leading institutions including the University of Durham and Columbia and Harvard Universities. I joined the Institute of Genetic Medicine at Newcastle University with the specific intention of studying cardiac regeneration and successfully obtained a Faculty Fellowship in 2011 that supported my first steps on an independent research path.

This fellowship together with the supportive framework of the Cardiovascular Research Centre enabled me to establish a successful independent programme of research. Since starting my fellowship I published 9 papers (4 as corresponding and/or senior author) and obtained £660K in research funding (£560K as principal investigator) including two project grants from the British Heart Foundation. As a direct result of this success I was awarded a Newcastle University Research Fellowship (NURF) in 2016 allowing me to begin to build my independent research team which now includes a senior research associate and PhD student. I am committed to take maximal advantage of the opportunities offered by the NURF to realise my research goals and to establish myself as a research leader in endogenous cardiomyocyte regeneration.