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Dr Daniel Rico
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My research focuses in understanding how to read the genome so we can identify the instructions for building different cell types. We develop and apply new computational methods to integrate genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic data to decode these instructions. I collaborate with colleagues at Newcastle University to understand which mutations can cause “typos” in these instructions, leading to disease. I am particularly interested in the immune system, where we are investigating how chromatin contributes to sex-specific immune responses.


I joined the Institute of Cellular Medicine (ICM) at Newcastle University in 2016 because I was attracted by their world-leaders in Immunology research. The NURF fellowship allowed me to start my own research group as a member of the new Immunology, Immunotherapy and Inflammation theme. Soon after I started, I secured a Wellcome Trust Seed Award in Science to investigate the epigenomic basis of sex differences in immune cells.


The NURF programme has given me the necessary resources to start a computational biology laboratory, gain fantastic formal and informal training for new principal investigators and great mentorship at different levels. This programme also has promoted the interaction with other researchers, and I currently have many exciting collaborations with colleagues from nearby institutes to investigate chromatin dynamics (ICaMB), the interplay of chromatin and genomic translocations in leukaemias (NICR) and network-based analysis of genomic and epigenomic variants (IGM).