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Dr Josana Rodriguez Sanchez
staff profile josana rodriguez IRES fellow

My research focuses on understanding how cells become polarized. By breaking symmetry cells are able to diversify, migrate, and organise themselves into more complex structures such as organs. My long-term goal is to understand from a molecular point of view how these cellular asymmetries are achieved and to determine the defects in cell polarity that can lead to developmental disorders, including cancer.

As a step towards this goal, during my post-doctoral research at the University of Cambridge I generated a comprehensive polarity genetic network identifying important cell polarity signalling pathways.

My current research at Newcastle University exploits the outcome of this polarity network in combination with high-end phenotypic analyses of polarity mutants. The Newcastle NURF fellowship has been invaluable to establishing myself as a fully independent research scientist. With the great support from senior colleagues and technical infrastructure our research has lead to my first senior author paper in Developmental Cell and a successful Royal Society Research Grant application. I am now in a good position to apply for further competitive grants that will allow us to tackle key questions in cell polarity combining super-resolution imaging with high-throughput genetic and proteomic analyses.

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