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Dr Ruchi Shukla
Ruchi Shukla NURF

Following my PhD from National Centre for Cell Sciences, in Pune, India (1999) I began my international research career by obtaining a postdoctoral fellowship at the International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC) Lyon, France (1999-2011) followed by postdoctoral training at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh (2011-2012) and MRC-Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh (2013-2016). I was awarded a Newcastle University Research Fellowship (NURF) in 2016 to establish my own laboratory at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research (NICR). The NURF scheme has provided me with a 5 year fully independent position, consumables and a PhD student.

My laboratory is focused on the study of retrotransposons associated genomic instability in the context of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and in the discovery of new therapeutic approaches for HCC. NICR is an ideal place to develop my projects because of its excellent infrastructure, research environment, existing biobank and translational scope. We are currently undertaking a multidisciplinary approach based on molecular and cellular techniques to develop in vitro models, combined with bioinformatics analysis of available genome-wide datasets and patient tissue sample analysis.