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Dr Rhoda Stefanatos
staff profile rhoda stefanatos

  • Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow

Mitochondrial diseases are a group of genetically heterogeneous and progressive disorders which can affect multiple organs. My research is focused on using Drosophila melanogaster also known as the fruit fly to build models of mitochondrial disease that will increase our knowledge surrounding mitochondrial disease pathology and accelerate the identification of novel therapies.


After completing my PhD at the CRUK Beatson Institute, I came to Newcastle University on a short-term contract (9 months) to join the lab of Dr Alberto Sanz who study the role of mitochondria in ageing. I was awarded a 1 Year Newcastle University Faculty Fellowship (2016-2017) to develop my ideas with a plan to apply for external fellowships. This allowed me to focus on my successful application for postdoctoral funding from the Wellcome Trust.


I am currently a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2021). This fellowship is allowing me to pursue my own program of research in a world class environment, host to a number of acclaimed basic and clinical mitochondrial researchers, and will allow me to visit the lab of Professor Ross Cagan at Mount Sinai, a pioneer in the use of Drosophila models of disease in high throughput pharmacological screening.


During the application process the research funding development team were helpful at every stage, connecting me with a previously successful candidate and arranging my mock interview. I also received support from my colleagues who were generous with their time, giving me feedback on my draft applications and taking part in my mock interviews.  I believe that the support I received from across the medical Faculty was indispensable in putting together a successful application.