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Will Salmon

FMS Learning Technology Support Unit - Systems & Infrastructure Support Officer (Linux servers)


  I joined FMS Learning Technology Support Unit (formerly LTMS) in December 2013 to support the servers and network infrastructure used to run the faculty's learning & teaching systems - such as MBBS (LSE & TSE), MClinEd (menu), Medical/Dental student admin (SAS) and University systems like: ePortfolio and Postgraduate eProgression/Projects

 I report to FMS LTSU's Learning Technology Systems Manager, John Moss.

 FMS LTSU servers run a Unix(Linux) operating system on a mix of virtual and physical servers to provide a high availability, load balanced and fault tolerant web cluster framework, dedicated web and directory services, multiple database systems, disk arrays, backup & recovery features.

For details about FMS LTSU's work, please go to: 


For contact details of the rest of the LTSU team, please go to: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/medicalsciences/people/undergrad/ and scroll down to: "Learning Technology Support Unit"

Previous jobs

Senior Analyst/Programmer at RWE npower (2008-2013) - Development and support of Unix Customer Service/Billing system (Ingres DB) specialising in Unix Shell Scripts 

Senior Operating System Administrator (2000-2010) at Northern Electric/npower - server support for hardware, operating system and monitoring on Unix (HP-UX, IBM AIX, Sun, Siemens Reliant/System V, OSF1  and Linux) and Fujitsu VME mainframe. Specialising in LVM storage support, monitoring scripts in Xymon, TCP and OSI networking for VME mainframe, Unix shell scripts.

Analyst/Programmer for a variety of Unix and VME mainframe applications at Northern Electric (1989-2000) - Specialised in system implementation into production using Unix shell scripts/VME System Control Language. Originally worked on mainframe in COBOL and on IDMSX databases.   


BSc. Physics (Exeter University)  

PTLLS - Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning Sector (Newcastle College)


Music - I go to rock, folk and blues gigs. (I was in University choir in 1990s.)

Classics (Latin/Greek), Science, History/Politics and railways.