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Dr Yulia Yuzenkova
staff profile Yulia Yuzenkova

My main research focus is on the first stage of gene expression, namely the process of transcription. Transcription is a major point of global regulation of cellular processes, and in the case of pathogenic bacteria, an excellent target for the development of new antibiotics.

Under this main theme currently I am pursuing several diverse directions including the following: i) mechanisms used by viruses of bacteria to hijack host gene expression machinery (with future possibility to use them against pathogenic bacteria); ii) newly discovered non-canonical prokaryotic and mitochondrial RNA capping by cellular cofactors; iii) circadian clock regulation of transcription and its potential use for synthetic biology.


I graduated in Russia, and during my PhD I moved to the USA and did my first postdoc at Rutgers University. For a second postdoc I relocated to the UK and in 2013 I was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship.


The Fellowship and support from Newcastle University allowed me to build my own research group. I was able to start new research directions, get more external funding (from Royal Society and EPSRC), and publish several senior author papers. The fantastic scientific atmosphere of the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology and excellent equipment there are integral elements that support my progress.