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Three tales from the biomedical frontier

Three students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences will be presenting their work as part of the public lectures programme

Date/Time: 21 November 2019, 17:30-18:45

Venue: Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University

Free admission, all seats allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

On Thursday 21 November, three postgraduate students from our faculty will be have the opportunity to deliver a Public Lecture, describing their quests at the cutting edge of science and how their findings may underpin the medical treatments of tomorrow.

Two of the students were selected by a judging panel made up of Medical Experts. The third student was chosen by public vote.

Cancer: The Immune System Strikes Back (Alex Blain)

Every year 164,000 people in the UK die of cancer. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the immune response to cancer can directly affect treatment outcome and patient survival. Learn about how cancer hides from the immune system, and how we can genetically engineer patient immune cells to fight back.

The electrical activity of the brain: a new way to diagnose dementia (Ramtin Mehraram)

Dementia is the consequence of different diseases which affect our brain functions. Due to their similar symptoms, it is not always straightforward to recognise the various forms of it. May the electricity that flows in our brain lead to a better way to diagnose dementia?

Routes to diagnosis of head and neck cancer (Jennifer Deane)