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Pint of Science - Beautiful Mind

Date/Time: 14-16th May 2018

Venue: The Town Wall, Pink Lane, NE1 5HX

Taking place for the third year in Newcastle the Pint of Science festival will run over 3 nights, 14-16 May. Each night speakers will be standing up in your local pub and talking about their research. Newcastle will be running events in 5 themes: Beautiful Mind, Our Body, Planet Earth, Our Society and Atoms to Galaxies.

Beautiful mind events will focus on topics related to neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry and will take place in the Cinema Room at the Town Wall on Pink Lane, NE1 5HX. Please note this venue is over 18 only and the function room can only be accessed via stairs.

On Monday 14 May we have Trevor James and Faye Horsley from the School of Psychology at Newcastle University. Faye is a forensic psychologist and will be talking about her work with arsonists, including her research gaining more insight into their offending. Trevor is researching media bias in the news related to incidences of terrorism involving Muslims.

On Tuesday 15 May we move to insects and how we can use their unique abilities to create better technologies. Erin Cocks a PhD student at Newcastle will be talking about her research into locust vision. When a locust is in a swarm with 80 million others how do they avoid bumping into each other? Can we use this ability to make better driverless cars? We will then hear from Vivek Nityananda a researcher at Newcastle investigating 3D vision.

For our final night on Wednesday 16 May we will focus on mental health. In particular the use of Electric Shock Therapy or ECT to treat depression. Media portrayals of ECT have painted the technique in a very negative way. Our speakers will present the reality of ECT from someone who prescribes it: Dr Stuart Watson a psychiatrist with the NTW NHS trust and from someone who has undergone this treatment, Carolyne James. One in four people in the UK are now reporting a mental health problem and depression is one of the common. With this in mind what are the treatments for depression? To take us through them we have Nicol Ferrier, professor of psychiatry to discuss their pros and cons. 

There are a huge range of events happening in Newcastle with everyone sure to find something that interests them. Tickets are on sale now priced at £4 and available from the Pint of Science website