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Too Sensitive for Science?

Date/Time: 26th June 2018, 5pm

Venue: David Shaw Lecture Theatre, Medical School

Dr Emily Grossman will be giving a talk entitled Too Sensitive For Science? - An exploration of what it really takes to be a scientist, and the value of Compassion, Collaboration and Creativity in science and in society, at 5PM on 26th June in the David Shaw Lecture Theatre at the Medical School.


This is a free open invitation event and we hope the subject will appeal to future and prospective students, postgraduates and staff. After the talk, there will be a Q&A session and we anticipate some lively discussion!


To learn more about the speaker please see https://www.emilygrossman.co.uk To get a sense of the topic please see Emily’s TEDx UCL talk 'Why Science Needs People Who Cry'