Faculty of Medical Sciences

Research Fellows

Research Fellows

Our postdoctoral research associates are encouraged to explore the fellowship route to advance their independent scientific careers. Meet some of our research fellows and find out how the Faculty has supported their career development.

Newcastle University Research Fellows

Dr Catherine Arden
Institute of Cellular Medicine

staff profile catherine arden nurf

Email: catherine.arden@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 208 3868

Dr Gavin Hudson
Institute of Genetic Medicine

Gavin Hudson, NURF

Email: gavin.hudson@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 241 8650

Dr David Llobet-Navas
Institute of Genetic Medicine

David Llobet-Navas, NURF

Email: david.llobet-navas
Telephone: 0191 2418631

Dr Gavin Richardson
Institute of Genetic Medicine

Gavin Richardson

Email: gavin.richardson@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 241 8615

Dr Lisa Russell
Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Dr Ruchi Shukla
Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Ruchi Shukla NURF

Email: ruchi.shukla@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 2084423

Dr Henrick Strahl von Schulten
Institute of Cell and Molecular Biosciences

Henrick Strahl von Schulten

Email: h.strahl@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 208 3240

Faculty Fellows

Dr Debbie Hicks
Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Debbie Hicks, Research Fellow

Email: debbie.hicks@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 208 2236

Dr Urszula McClurg
Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences

staff profile Urszula McClurg Faculty fellow

Email: urszula.mcclurg@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 222 6845

Dr Jennifer Munkley
Institute of Genetic Medicine

Dr Jennifer Munkley, Faculty Fellow

Email: jennifer.munkley@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 241 8685

Dr Peter Taylor
Institute of Neuroscience

Peter Taylor, Research Fellow

Email: peter.taylor@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 208 7975

External Fellows

Dr Seamus Holden
Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Email: seamus.holden@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 208 3205

Dr Heath Murray
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

staff profile heath murray external fellow

Email: heath.murray@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 208 3233

Dr Rebecca Payne
Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Fellow

Dr Sarah Pickett
Wellcome Trust Research Career Re-entry Fellow

Dr Ruth Rodriguez Barrueco
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship

ruth rodriguez barrueco

Email: ruth.rodriguez-barrueco
Telephone: 0191 241 8631

staff profile josana rodriguez IRES fellow

Email: josana.rodriguez@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 208 8143

Dr Kevin Waldron
Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Dr Kevin Waldron, Henry Dale Fellow

Email: kevin.waldron@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: 0191 208 7369