Faculty of Medical Sciences

Facilities & Equipment

Facilities and Equipment

We combine specialist equipment and experienced staff to provide a range of scientific and clinical facilities.

Newcastle University has invested heavily in a range of facilities to support and enhance our own research and that of our commercial partners and customers. Our specialist research support ranges from electron and confocal microscopy and flow cytometry, to bioinformatics, proteomic analysis and our new genomics core facility.

Staff in our clinical facilities are experienced in all phases of clinical research. They provide support throughout the whole clinical trial process, from trial design through to patient assessment. 

Browse our facilities to find the expertise and equipment for your needs. 

Researcher using a computer in one of the Faculty of Medical Sciences facilities.

Using our Facilities

We welcome enquiries from commercial customers and other universities seeking analytical and testing services and access to our facilities and equipment.

Newcastle University staff can find pricing information on our intranet, while external customers should contact individual facilities.


If you need any further information about our facilities and equipment please contact:

Helen Snowdon
Business Project Coordinator

E-mail: helen.snowdon@ncl.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)191 208 3505