Faculty of Medical Sciences

Staff Profile

Professor Caroline Relton



1989 BSc(Hons), Applied Biology and Nutritional Science
1990 PGCE, Science (11-18)
1998 PhD, Molecular Genetics of Insulin Resistance

Previous Positions

1999-2003 Scientist/Senior Scientist, Westlakes Research Institute

2003-2006 Senior Research Associate, Newcastle University 

2006-2009 Lecturer, Genetic Epidemiology, Newcastle University 

2009-2012 Senior Lecturer, Genetic Epidemiology, Newcastle Univesity

2012-present Professor, Genetic and Epigenetic Epidemiology, Newcastle University (20%)

2012-present Professor, Epigenetic Epidemiology, University of Bristol (80%)



Research Interests

Epigenetic variation in common complex disease

Other Expertise

Genetic epidemiology

Current Work

My primary research interest is in understanding the role of epigenetic variation in health and development. Epigenetic modifications to the genome have a major influence on gene expression but little is known about how epigenetic patterns vary at a population level. We are applying DNA methylation microarray and high-throughput quantitative methods for the large scale analysis of epigenetic patterns to investigate both the determinants of epigenetic variation (genetic and environmental) and the consequences with respect to common complex diseases.