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Staff Profile

Dr Swethajit Biswas

Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Roles and Responsibilities

Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology (Sarcoma & Neuro-Oncology) at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

CLINICAL: I am currently lead for systemic therapies in Bone and non-GIST Soft-Tissue Sarcomas for patients over 19 years old in the North East in one of five DoH centrally funded supra-regional sarcoma surgical centers within the UK.

Additionally, I administer systemic therapies to patients with HIV-induced solid tumours, gliomas, and super-rare malignancies at the Northern Centre for Cancer Cancer (NCCC) at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

I am PI for biobanks in sarcomas and neurological tumours under the auspices of the Newcastle University BioBank which also permits blood collection and buccal swabs from our patients.

I am was PI on a Hedgehog signalling phase II trial in advanced chondrosarcoma and co-investigator on various phase II & III trials in sarcomas. Additionally, I have experience in using anti-angiogenic therapies and other targeted agents in adult cancer medicine.

I am currently a member of the National Brain Tumour CSG group.

RESEARCH: I am developing translational research interests in tumour metabolism, cancer-host interactions, comparative human & canine sarcoma biology, as well as trying to develop novel models of sarcoma biology to replace traditional laboratory xenografts within the auspices of the NC3R criteria from the major national research funding bodies. 



My primary translational research interests are in bone sarcomas and glioma biology with a developing focus on:

1). Development of cell surface zinc-peptidases as biomarkers in human sarcomas and the role of zinc-peptidases in sarcoma cell invasion. This is in collaboration with Professor John Lunec at the NICR and with colleagues in the Musculoskeletal Research Group (MRG) in Newcastle University - Dr Kenneth Rankin, Academic Clinical Lecturer in Orthopaedics & Dr Mark Birch, Senior Lecturer in Bone Biology.

2). Tumour metabolism & redox mechanisms within the cancer cell and host stroma. Principally initiating translational studies in human gliomas.

3). Comparative biology of human and canine sarcomas with collaborations at Cambridge University Vet School, the Animal Health Trust in Cambridgeshire and Royal (Dick) Vet School at Edinburgh University

4). Development of novel models that spare the use of traditional rodent models in cancer research with Dr Bill Chaudhry at the Institute of Genetic Medicine (IGM) at Newcastle University.



I currently supervise BSc, MRes & MPhil students and I am a tutee to clinical students on the MB BS medicine programme at Newcastle University Medical School.