Faculty of Medical Sciences

Staff Profile

Professor Farhad Kamali



Research Interests

MECHANISMS OF DRUG TOXICITY. My current main interest lies with the elucidation of the mechanisms of toxicity associated with anticoagulation therapy. The Group aims to elucidate risks and benefits of anticoagulation in older people and to achieve appropriate clinical strategies for prevention and treatment of thromboembolic disease.

Other Expertise

EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS. This aspect of my research involves investigations into human pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of new therapeutic agents, investigations of their primary and secondary pharmacological properties and of their potential interactions with other drugs that may be co-administered during therapy.

EPIDEMIOLOGY OF ALCOHOL AND DRUG MISUSE IN YOUNG PEOPLE. I have a keen interest in research evaluating substance and alcohol misuse among young people. This research began on the basis of my interest on toxicological and addictive issues relating to alcohol and illicit drugs and their growing use among young people.


Thormbosis, anticoagulation, warfarin, vitamin K, ageing


Undergraduate Teaching

BSC Pharmacology & biomedical sciences